Teacher training, coaching, Yoga retreats and Yoga Workshops lead by Mark Breadner.




1 FEB - 1 SEP, 2019


On our 350-Hour Teacher Training with Mark Breadner, you will learn more than how to teach yoga and how to take your own practice to deeper levels but to also unlock  possibilities you never dreamed possible. Its a Total Yoga Transformation.

YogaCoach teacher training is a unique and transformative offering in the market. Through the YogaCoach System you will learn the science and essence of Yoga, understanding and integrate  the yoga practices to help you align the four aspects of being human;  your body, your inner energies, your emotions, and your mind. A science that continues to empower human beings to blossom to the ultimate potential.

The YogaCoach approach will support you to become a confident teacher, a leader for transformation and holistic health and to add value to your world more than you ever dreamed possible. You will learn to impart the incredible benefits of a yoga methodology properly understood and implemented. The focus of the YogaCoach 350-hour teacher training course is on building a solid foundation of teaching group yoga classes, small groups and the entry steps to working as a Yoga Life Coach. This course will allow you to take your skills anywhere in the world with confidence, integrity, and purpose .



Yoga is an ancient system 15000 years old and it has been tried, tested and proven many, many times through direct experience on how to live an exceptional life. Are you ready to unlock new possibilities, nurturing your health and happiness and using your unique gifts and talents to impact change in your world

Why choose a 350hr Teacher Training over a 200hr Teacher Training? 

Many teacher training graduated who complete a 200 hour course feel that the studies were inadequate to be able to teach, for this reason, Yoga Australia (Australia's most respected Yoga teachers organisation) has a minimum of 350 hours of study with an approved course in order to gain membership. A physiotherapist or acupuncturist will study for years before being able to practice, why shouldn't this standard be applied to yoga teachers and all body workers? This course is comprehensive enough for you to begin teaching at completion and is Proudly approved by Yoga Australia

Course content                                  

  • MODULE 1. YOGA COACH –Methodology of Yoga, history and Philosophy 
  • MODULE 3. TECHNIQUE COACH – Understanding the formulas of teaching 
  • MODULE 4. VINYASA COACH – Sequencing and theming
  • MODULE 6. BODY COACH – Assessing and shaping the body to support higher energy 
  • MODULE 7. INNER ENERGY COACH – Creating a high energy system

Enrollment Process

If you are interested in enrolling please complete the application form by clicking on the APPLY link below. Upon receipt of your application we will schedule a phone interview with Mark Breadner so you can both assess whether this is the right course for you. Once accepted we will send you the payment information.  

Please note that a $500 despot is required to secure your booking and that all bookings are final (i.e. no refunds will be given if you do not complete the course). 


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Course Dates 2019

The 2019 Teacher Training will take place on all of the following 2 Day weekends at Yoga Village, Potts Point.

  • Feb 1 - 4
  • Feb 16 - 17 
  • Feb 23 - 24 
  • April 13 -14
  • April 27-28
  • May 11-12
  • May 18-19
  • May 25 - 26
  • June 1-2
  • August 3-4
  • August 10-11
  • August 24-25
  • August 31 - Sep 1

Payment Options

Early Bird $4200 Paid in full by 31st Oct, 2018

Full Price $4797


Participants receive a certificate of completions 350 hour training Yoga Teacher Training. Hours can be counted as CPD (Continuous Professional Development) as required by Yoga Alliance. and Yoga Australia


Training Details

LOCATION: Yoga Village - Potts Point - Sydney

Established in 2011 by long-time Yoga Practitioner and Yoga Teacher, Nadia Rihani, Yoga Village was created with the vision of offering Sydney-siders small close-knit class environments that allow students to forge genuine relationships with their peers and their teacher, as well as hone their practice to cultivate the mind, body and spirit. 

Yoga Village presents a break from the daily grind of this beautiful city. Promising a balance of engaging, dynamic and restorative sequences, Yoga Village offers students an inviting home-away-from-home – a place to practice the art of Yoga, as well as relax and unwind with moments of solitude and reflection to support general well-being.