Transition From The Studio To a Successful Online Yoga Business With 100% Confidence

Ready to turn your knowledge, life skills and big, brilliant idea into a impactful + profitable online business?

Ready to earn six figures per year Impacting the lives of others?

There are so many reasons RIGHT NOW to transition from the studio to creating a successful online business. You love your students, but online offerings would allow you to reduce your classes and build location and financial freedom into your life

It would allow you to turn your message into a movement that ripples around the world. It would allow you to create an experience so unrivalled that your students sell the course for you (the best kind of marketing!)

Your students deserve a transformation they can’t get from anywhere or anyone else

Your life’s work deserves a course curriculum that is so unique, thorough, and well thought out that its breeze to create and deliver

And you deserve a learning designer who can call the best out of you to ensure all that happens (Hi There!)



"If That’s You... Myself And My Team Will Work With You To Launch in 90 Days Or Less And Then Zero In On Your Successful 
Online Business And Create A Predictable Income In The Next 9 Months"

Here's What Yogi Online Can Do For You:

It enables you to live a life combining spiritual richness AND material success.

For the past five years, I’ve been able to grow my own online business and help many yoga entrepreneurs increase their impact.

My deeper mission is to help 1 Million yoga entrepreneurs, yoga coaches and course creators build a SUCCESSFUL ONLINE BUSINESS.

 A successful online business that will enable you to have more income and impact.

 A successful online business that will make you stand out from the sea of teachers doing the same thing.

 A successful online business that will change more lives with your message and inspire more people through your products, programs and offerings.

We all know that the life and the relationships we want are determined by how much we can truly step up and carry this into our daily actions and business. 

It’s time to bring your knowledge, life skills and insights to life.

 Spiritual Wealth: It's all about creating a growth mindset... Imagine having the daily tools, support and practises to reignite your spirit, summon your potential and tap into your Big Idea. From here, insight and inspiration will guide you to uniquely position yourself for launching your successful online business.

 Soul Bridge: Discover how to take your newfound insights, life skills and knowledge and use our powerful frameworks to bridge that into - your message, product, and offer... Your funnel, ads, video scripts and email content... to have a unique, consistent message and story across all platforms. This becomes the core methodology of not only your marketing and content but your entire business. 

 Financial Success: It's all about the actions you take. When you apply our exact "action steps" you will get consistent wins every day, building the confidence you need to launch engaging ad campaigns, generate appointments and sell your offerings without ever feeling sales. We guide you step by step, move by move too build and launch a successful online business. BOOOOOMMMMM!

If you are thinking this sounds so overwhelming there’s no way I can do it myself
I want you to know that is the point! If you could, I wouldn’t be able to do the job I love, which is guiding go getter yoga teachers through the process in a relaxed and flexible way that works for their unique brain

My biggest gripe with the online business industry is that suggests building your business in a very linear, tick the boxes process that can be done quickly and easily without much input from you

A truly powerful impactful and profitable online business that houses the best of your unique brilliance cannot be built in a couple of weeks

So if you’re worried about the cookie cutters, forced formulas, and same same structures, you can breathe a big sigh of relief because I’m allergic to all of them

After 25 Years and 10,000 Students, We've Got The Art of Leveraging The Teachings of the Master Yogi's & Bridging Them into Business down to a Science...

The "Secret Ingredient" that allows us to build and launch awesome online businesses (masterclasses, retreats, workshops, online summits and online courses) consistently is our 9 Step Pathway to Mastery. 

Our clients follow these exact steps in the exact order to get the precise results they are looking for.

9 Proven Steps To Digital Awesomeness!

 Step One


To live the life you born to live, you need to summon your potential, activate your genius and live in alignment with your highest truth. We show you how to do that.

 Step Two


The "master Practices" are a technology for thriving derived from the science of Yoga. They are designed to clear away any obstacles and cultivate a shift in the way you perceive and experience your life, your work, and the world that you live in. It is the express path to success!

 Step Three


Every human being is born into this world with a unique blueprint attached to their ability to be of service. It is each individuals path to remember their Unique Soul Message and share it with the world.

 Step Four


Use our unique "USM Formula" and "Transformation Timetable" frameworks to define the one "big" problem your product will solve for your exact audience to get the result that they most desire.

 Step Five


Craft an Irresistible Offer implementing our Product Pathway strategy, you will generate your very own 9 step Signature Solution that guides your clients along the exact steps they need to take to solve their greatest problems.

This truly creates a "market of one" and causes your product to immediately stand out in even the most crowded and competitive markets. Your Product Pathway also helps you command higher prices and generate more prospects and clients.

 Step Six


Customer experience is EVERYTHING in the online world. We provide you with a simple 4 step system that streamlines your client experience to ensure they feel they are in the right place, supported and comfortable to book a call with you.
BTW... no complicated webinars or launches required!

 Step Seven


Imagine if effective sales and enrolment conversations could be not only less stressful, but actually fun - both for you and the client! 
Customise a proven one page enrolment script so you can start enrolling more clients in a very systematic, consultative and comfortable way with zero high pressure tactics or closing tricks required...

 Step Eight


Learn to maximise the reach of the powerful message you’ve already been sharing, without increasing your workload. And discover how to build an audience of warm prospects for pennies on the dollar before you approach them to become leads or clients. 

 Step Nine


Learn the art of growing a successful online business without losing your time, energy and balanced lifestyle. We’ll show you the secrets to being a business owner, instead of being busy in your business.

Every Element Required To Launch An Awesome Online Business in One Powerful Training...

After four decades of opening yoga studios, educating yoga teachers and sharing the wisdom of my great lineage, I am ready to see Yogi’s receive the material abundance they deserve. I’ve spent the last five years diving deep into the online business world to create a unique offering that enables you to be rewarded on all levels for your dedication to being of service.

"We Have The Roadmap & Systems For Your Business To Succeed.
 We Have The Wisdom To Support Your Journey.
Are You Ready To Bring Spirit Back To Business?"

  *Book, a Free "Transition with Confidence" Free strategy session with the YogaCoach team 


The best part of what we do is receiving feedback like this from our awesome students that we help go from frustrated and overwhelmed to confident and happy yoga entrepreneurs!

Answers To Your Most Burning Questions...

(Spoiler Alert: Yes, This Works For Your Specific Yoga Business)

If you don't find the answer you're looking for, contact us here, and we'll get back to you asap!

Who are you?

I am Mark Breadner, the founder of YogaCoach and Million Dollar Yogi. I started the company in 2010 after nearly 30 years of teaching and 15 years of creating yoga education programs for some of Sydney's biggest yoga organisations.

A unique platform that helps yoga teachers, coaches and course creators map out a clear strategy that includes every part of a successful online business so they can launch with confidence! 

This includes your target audience, messaging, product (offer and pricing), content strategy, lead magnets, video content, client enrolment scripts, email follow up sequence and more. 

What is Yogi Online?

A unique platform that helps yoga teachers, coaches and course creators map out a clear strategy that includes every part of a successful online business so they can launch with confidence! 

This includes your target audience, messaging, product (offer and pricing), content strategy, lead magnets, video content, client enrolment scripts , email follow up sequence and more...

Why did you create this product?

We created Yogi Online to solve a significant problem transitioning from the studio to online: Most yoga entrepreneurs and marketers struggle or fail because there was no clear path or system for launching an online business. 

Available options were limited to thousands of expensive and confusing courses that only solved one piece of the launch puzzle, that focused only on the mechanics and didn't include YOU, so we created a new system that can help virtually any yoga teacher get results, regardless of background or business model.

Will this work for my business?

Our platform and training products utilise a proven 9 step process that applies to virtually every successful online launch for virtual events. 

In fact, you'd be hard-pressed to find a successful online business in any industry, niche or business model that doesn't get these nine core things right!

How does the program work?

Once you Apply here, you will be asked to fill out a short form to see if we are a good match. Then you will get my scheduler to book a time to go over your business and help you.

Once accepted, you'll get instant access to the Yogi Online platform and all of the premium training offered here! Also, be on the lookout for access to the Yogi Online Community membership site and group.Reach us any time at

What if I'm a beginner? 

If you're just starting out, whether you're new to the digital space or have an existing business looking to sell more online, it's critical to invest your time and money doing the right things in the right order. 

Most yoga teachers embark on their online business journey with no clear roadmap and often suffer months, if not years of frustration as a result. Don't do that.

How long does it take to get results?

This depends on your background, abilities and commitment. Typical timelines range from a few months to launch to absolutely never. 

Anyone that tells you differently should not be trusted. 

Is there a money-back guarantee?

Of course. We're so confident that all we need to do is get you to start the training and everything that comes with becoming a lifelong customer and raving fan. We offer an unconditional, 100% money 30-day money-back guarantee.

if, for any reason, within 30 days, you don't believe this is the absolute best system for launching an awesomely successful online business, we'll refund your purchase, no questions asked

Marketing Beats Gurus Every Time!

There is a saying: "there is no direct correlation between being good at something (the Guru) and being successful, but there is a definite correlation between being good at marketing and being successful."

 The cool thing is that marketing is a learnable and trainable skill. If you are good at something, have the runs on the board and don't want to become a "best-kept secret", then APPLY to 
work with us today!

"After years of having all the knowledge and yoga experience but consistently loosing traction in business and going backwards, spending tons of time and money on courses, events, seminars, books and everything in between, only to find myself more frustrated and overwhelmed by all the noise, and weird "guru tricks" (fake scarcity, high pressure launches and crazy-expensive over-hyped products).

 I decided to build and release world-class "Inner and Outer Game" mastery systems at a price virtually anyone with the desire to succeed can afford...

Our team would be honoured to have you as a valued client..."

Your Purchase is Protected By My Risk-Free 30 day Money-Back Guarantee...

The risk is all on me. When you sign up today and get access to the Yogi Online Program, the complete training courses and bonus items - and if for any reason, you don't feel 100% confident within 30 days, just say the word and my team will issue a 100%, no-questions-asked refund.


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