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Spiritual India



Adventure, sacred cities, tradition, spirituality, culture, rituals, gastronomy, nature, and Yoga! prepare to explore a magical country where the incredible is routine and energy, intensity and colour are in every corner! Open your mind and let yourself fall in love with one of the most fascinating and incredible places on the planet.

The Land of India plays an amazing and unique role of producing spiritual understanding of consciousness like none other, this is one of the most precious gifts of India to the humanity. In every corner of India you will find ancient history in the form of temples or old buildings. India has this continues duality of loud yet soothing, chaos yet yogic bliss, crammed with people yet inner peace. Like in the famous Bollywood song goes “It happens only in India”.


Discover, explore and adventure

Join Mark Breadner & Cristina Arango as they lead you in this adventure through authentic experience and spiritual immersion of INDIA. Discover, explore and adventure on this journey for your senses and well-being. This trip is design for you to immerse in the culture, spirituality and traditions of this vibrant culture in a guided and supportive small travel group. Connect with the Indian Spirituality and people that will allow you to engage, appreciate and naturally go within. Embark on the journey of your lifetime, experiencing adventure, traditions, visit mountains, deserts, beaches, iconic historical and sacred sites.We will adventure through Delhi, visit the  majestic Taj Mahal in Agra, visit Rishikesh the birthplace of Yoga delight in the rich beauty of Jaipur (the pink city), the slow rhythms of Goa and immerse in true spiritual practice at Babaji ashram in CITY.

Journey through India includes:

  • Delhi: The Capital of India, which is full of the relics of lost empires.

  • Agra: Where we will visit famous Tajmahal or the Taj, mausoleum of white marble, known for its iconic beauty.

  • Rishikesh: Gateway to Himalayas is an amazing place to visit. This mystical place has many sacred sites to explore.

  • Haridwar: Centre of mysticism for centuries, Haridwar is located on the banks of river Ganga. It is one of the seven holiest places in India, and one of the oldest living cities.

  • Jaipur: We will be visiting many beautiful historical sites.

  • Udaipur: Is known for its history, culture, scenic locations, and Rajput-era palaces like The Lake Palace.

  • Goa: Experience beautiful beaches, chill out, enjoy & relax

  • Ashram Life: Join us for a week of meditation and Ashram life at Baba Ji Ashram.This is optional and the price of being there will be donated to the ashram OPTIONAL


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Mark and Cristina felt inspired to share this spiritual adventure trough India after the incredible experience of the Rise as One Project in 2017 were they lead a group of inspiring change makers through India with the mission of creating conscious change and supporting women in the slums of Nagpur central India. Together they run Yoga Teacher Trainings, Yoga Retreats and a Social Enterprise to awaken potential and possibility in all human hearts!



Australia's leading and most experience yoga educator. 

Mark is Australia's leading and most experience yoga educator with over 20 years of educating and personally training over 1000 teachers through the whole science of yoga.

Mark has dedicated his life to seeking and understanding the "true" yoga. He has spent much of his life in India at the feet of high level teachers learning the "science" of yoga and how it can transform a human to their highest possibility.

Mark stared sharing his journeys through India in 2001 taking students to experience the vibrant culture, spirituality and traditions of this magical culture.


Cristina Arango is a dreamer and seeker, yoga teacher, wellness coach and lover of life. Through a combination of mindful exploration and quiet awareness, she offers students the chance to revisit their true self, reconnect with their heart and spark a positive transformation that extends far beyond the four corners of the mat. Her powerful combination of knowledge, compassion, creativity and challenge will fuel your journey toward self-discovery and offer you a hefty dose of love along the way. 

Since she left Colombia 15 years ago she has travelled extensibily around the world exploring culture, spirituality and adventuring through the world. India is a place where she found a spiritual home to connect to the