I'm Mark Breadner.


My goal is to help you as yoga teachers become the leading platform for transformation and holistic health on the planet and to add more value to your world than you ever dreamed possible by educating you to the incredible benefits of a yoga methodology properly understood and implemented. Im here to make stand out among your peers.

Yoga is the ultimate coaching system, it is 15000 years old and it has been tried, tested and proven many, many times through direct experience on how to live an exceptional life? Exceptional means unlocking your spiritual potential, nurturing your health and happiness and using your unique gifts and talents to change the world.


Why Mark Breadner?

Mark is the longest ongoing serving Yoga Educator in Australia with over 20 years of educating and personally training over 1000 teachers through the whole science of yoga. He has created and designed training packages for Heart of Yoga Sydney, Nature Care College, BodyMindLife Sydney and YogaCoach. He has worked and travelled with Olympic Gold medallists and World Champions as a Personal Yoga Trainer (PYT) in swimming and surfing. Currently, he works with CEO,s from some of the biggest companies in the world as a PYT.

Mark has dedicated his life to seeking and understanding the "true" yoga. He has spent much of his life in India at the feet of high level teachers learning the "science" of yoga and how it can transform a human to their highest possibility.



About YogaCoach


YogaCoach is a learning community for those who dare to “dream wild”. For those who set aside their fears and live in the field of potential and possibility. For those who create their own reality and share a vision to change the world, serve humanity and help all beings thrive.

We break the rules, step outside what is expected and develop a value container that allows us to know truth through direct experience and self-governance. YogaCoach supports people to take accountability for their reality and develop their limitless ability to meet existence in the moment and respond from a place of love, compassion and equanimity.




YogaCoach provides the practices to align all four aspects of being human; our emotions, our mind, our body and our inner energies. Once we’re in alignment, we can touch the other dimensions of life and the human experience becomes a stable expression of inner peace and happiness. These are not states we need to search for, these states are “who we are”. YogaCoach shows you how to remove the obstacles that prevent you from being the greatest expression of yourself so you can live your wildest dreams.



How Can YogaCoach Help You?

If you have or ever wanted to be a successful yoga teacher, then the advanced and transformational training that I provide will definitely take you there. You will learn more than just yoga. You will find your niche and gain the confidence to excel teaching groups, specialising in one-to-one yoga training and taking the complete YogaCoach system into the areas you are most passionate about.


“Yoga is essentially a way of recreating the body, inner energy and mind to serve a higher purpose” -
— Sadhguru