YogaCoach offers different entry Yoga Teacher Training options: you can choose to learn how to teach group classes, teach one-on-one as a Personal Yoga Trainer (PYT) or both.  You can choose the learning pathway that is right for you; from full-time 200Hr, part-time 350Hr, retreat immersion 350/500hr or study at your own pace starting with our two foundation modules.


Training options


Group training

YogaCoach runs  Group Teacher Training course focus on learning to teach group classes. Building a solid foundation, this course will allow you to take your skills anywhere in the world with confidence and integrity.The 200Hr training gives you the foundation and confidence to teach a variety of yoga classes and styles. Registered with Yoga Alliance and Yoga Australia

  • 200 Hour (group training)

Modules: Yoga Coach, Life Purpose Coach, Technique Coach, Sequencing Coach, Relationship Building and Adjusting Coach. (See in Training Options for full description)



Personal Yoga Trainer/coach- 350/500 hr

Yoga traditionally was always taught one to one- guru to disciple. The future of yoga is working as a personal yoga trainer (PYT).  In the fitness industry because of critical mass, there was a transition from just group classes to personal trainers(PT) because people had the desire to have their fitness needs tailored to them. Yoga is just about to make the same transition and come full circle as people are requiring more than just physical (asana) but also emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing.

Working with clients one-to-one, a YogaCoach takes an integrated view of each client to assist them to live their highest possibility- looking at the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects. Open to yoga teachers, life coaches and personal trainers. Registered with Yoga Alliance and Yoga Australia.

  • 350 Hour ( small groups and one to one)
  • 500 Hour- If you already have a 200Hr certification this training will complete your Yoga Alliance 500 Hr requirements

Modules: Yoga Coach, Life Purpose Coach, Body Coach, Inner Energies Coach, Mind Coach, Consciousness Coach, Life Coach (See in Training Options for full description)


Meditation teacher training

Anchored in the deep science of inner experience, this retreat style training program allows you to dive deep into the science of meditation.You will gain direct experience, understanding and mentoring for guiding and teaching others meditation.

Without teaching and having a personal practice in meditation your training is not yet complete.

  • 50 hours continuing education
  • Goes towards teacher training hours

Retreat Immersion - Gaia Oasis, Bali.



Foundation modules

YogaCoach has two foundation modules- YogaCoach and Life Purpose Coach that all trainings are anchored in.They can be done In any order and in a number of pathways:

  • Just to deepen your understanding of Yoga and to ramp up your practice based on the science of yoga (open to the public)
  • These modules are taught in different locations and when successfully completed they will take 8 days off your commitment to the FullTime training in Sydney or Bali.
  • The same with the module-based training, if you successfully completed the foundation modules you would enter the relevant training in module 3

If unclear please enquire.


flexible training options


Full-Time training is  run in Sydney and Bali- Sydney is Monday to Friday 7am- 5pm,  Bali is live in retreat style.


Part Time means 4-day modules- depending on the location they are spaced over a certain amount of time and are either Thursday to Sunday or Friday to Monday.



These modules are the first two modules of the YogaCoach Yoga Teacher Training program. They can be done as stand-alone modules to deepen your practice or to give you more flexibility to complete your training in a way that suits you more. Click Here for available training modules.




Egg of the Universe studio space is a Sydney - inner west sanctuary offering refuge from the city rush, and the activation of body and mind through yoga. Studio owner Bryony carefully and lovingly hand-picks all of our teachers, resulting in exceptionally well-trained leaders who offer down-to-earth, humble classes that demonstrate the beauty of yoga in a light-hearted and accessible way


Yoga VillageEstablished in 2011 by long-time Yoga Practitioner and Yoga Teacher, Nadia Rihani, Yoga Village was created with the vision of offering Sydney-siders small close-knit class environments that allow students to forge genuine relationships with their peers and their teacher, as well as hone their practice to cultivate the mind, body and spirit. 

Yoga Village presents a break from the daily grind of this beautiful city. Promising a balance of engaging, dynamic and restorative sequences, Yoga Village offers students an inviting home-away-from-home – a place to practice the art of Yoga, as well as relax and unwind with moments of solitude and reflection to support general well-being.


Gaia Oasis in Bali -  is a retreat-resort in Bali.  Learn, grow, immerse yourself and breathe deeply… this green place is an oasis, away from the world.

Yogacoach training programs are held at Gaias beach resort “Pantai”, where you are right at the water’s edge. see the sunrise over the ocean or take a moonlight swim in the balmy water under starry skies.

Lovely private bungalows are hidden amongst lush foliage, surrounded by beautiful gardens and criss-crossed with hewn stone paths. Explore the mountain on foot, go bird-watching, or relax in the saltwater pool and drink in uninterrupted views of the indigo ocean. Enjoy all this whilst diving deep into the authentic "inner science" of yoga...