Personal Yoga Training

60 MINUTES $250

Mark Breadner is known as the rebel yogi and a soul surfer. He teaches an ancient knowledge system in the subtle arts of energy mastery, harnessing invisible powers that universally abound yet are tapped by only the elite few.

Mark works with innovators who are catalysing great change and making a significant contribution to our planet. He teaches clients how to access a level of surrendering, guided by a force that is beyond the mind.

It is my purpose to restore universal wisdom into the future design of humanity by influencing the influencers for greatest impact in the shortest time frame.

The innovators path is fraught with obstacles and interferences. Mark’s teachings initiate those on this path to fully prepare for and apply mastery to any barriers they encounter.

Clients learn how to instantaneously scan and identify multi-layered interruptions to high performance, and learn how to feel stable, authentic and at ease in any situation, says Mark.

By understanding how to read and redesign peoples body expression, inner energies, and intentions, including their own, Mark’s clients learn how to create energetic resonance to support and activate their innate potential.

Clients begin to operate at a higher frequency, they attract rather than seek, do less, achieve more, and manifest at a whole new level. They see the world through a different lens.

Mark has consistently worked with elite athletes including number one Olympians and world champions, and teaches innovators, C-suite leaders and founders of global companies.


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