Dream Wild Retreat

25 - 31st  March 2019 - BALI



Dream Wild retreats seek to wake humans up to their full possibilty. By way of self-governance and courage, people start to envision the possibilities their life has to offer. Bringing this to life and living your Dream Wild becomes an act of service, inspiring the wider community to remember theirs and live their truth too.

The focus of the retreat is to promote personal leadership, so individuals can realign to their dreams with greater confidence, courage and certainty. Whether that is in their business, relationships, or personal lives, you will walk away with practices and profound insights you can apply immediately to your life.



Mark Breadner merges modern coaching techniques with the ancient science of Yoga for the purposes of re-birthing the dreams people have always had, yet may have forgotten. Yoga means union, and this means moving towards whatever it is our individual soul yearns to express and share with the world.

Growing up, everyone has their Dream Wild, yet quite often when we take our dreams out into the world they're met with brick walls and 'no's' from the external world. This can be scary so we tend to hide them away and conform to fit in, we start living by someone else rules. However, it is the natural human tendency to expand and our souls gravitate towards experiences that bring us back into self-governance so we can fulfil our souls unique story. If left unmanaged, this journey can be bumpy and we will find ourselves living a life very different from what we envisioned, wanted or every imagined.

Yoga provides a scientific, step by step process for regulating and shaping your journey, and YogaCoach's Dream Wild retreat will connect you back into what is true for you and start the process back to self-governance. We will dive deep in to the space of possibility to move you back into alignment with your true nature and calling. Designing a life that aligns with your bliss so that you have the highest chance of enjoying the way you learn you unique lessons is at the heart of Dreaming Wild. Keep in mind, there is always a journey between reality and possibility, and people rarely have the courage, support and practices to steady them along this journey. This is where good teacher's are important.

Mark will fold his experience as the Yoga Life Coach, a somatic psychotherapist and an authentic yogic wisdom holder to guide you along your journey back into alignment. The Dream Wild Retreat will create the community for you to be supported over the bumps and also celebrated through the triumphs, provide proper, scientific practices to help reduce the natural, human tendencies for self-sabotaging expansion, and also, Mark will share teachings that have been transmuted through his rich yogic lineage to help you understand the deeper meaning of yoga, existence and your unique expression of life.

Dreaming Wild means setting aside your fears, stepping into a bigger possibility and being notorious. This includes letting go of the limiting identities you're holding on to, having the courage to come back in to self-governance, live by your own rules, and taking the time to unfold what it is you want to create to shape your destiny, based on what is authentic and true to you.


Course content                                  

  • Dissolving limitations—how you can remove the obstacles that prevent you from realising our potential and dreams.
  • Peeking into your purpose and path to adventure—how you can re-unite with our dreams and authentic self, and live a life that’s meant to be.
  • ‘Atma’ & conversations with your heart—how to develop a stronger bond with yourself and others, so you can pursue your goals with greater clarity, certainty, courage and confidence.
  • Express your potential and creativity—the dance between the divine masculine and divine feminine.
  • Global leadership—the importance of personal resolutions for causing a communal revolution.
  • Practices to access and imprint the non physical energies.

Daily Program

  • Morning asana, meditation and pranayama classes
  • Yoga Principles for Personal Transformation
  • Breakfast
  • DreamWild Workshops - going through the steps
  • Lunch
  • Time for self-practice, self-study (Svadhyaya), relaxation and integration
  • Afternoon tea
  • DreamWild Workshops - going through the steps
  • Evening program of guided meditation, restorative practice, pranayama and Yoga Nidra


Early Bird $1,350 | Paid by 31 January

Full Price $1,580

Terms & Conditions

Dream Wild Retreat Bali
from 500.00

Early Bird $1,350.00 AUD Paid by 31st Jan 2019
Full Price $1,580.00 AUD
Early Bird- Single Room $1550 Paid by 31st Jan 2019
Full Price - Single Room $1780


Reatreat Details

LOCATIONBali Gaia Oasis – Tejakula
Gaia-Oasis is a beautiful low-key and tranquil Yoga resort on the northern coast of Bali. Where you’ll be able to truly unwind and focus on your learning and practice.

Fee includes: Transfers, share accommodation (private room available at extra cost), 3 vegetarian meals, Afternoon Tea and Coffee, Use of Facilities and All training materials.

Fee doesn’t include: Flights, travel insurance, extra activities