A real life-transforming experience! On the first day, I realized it was beyond the teaching of asana. With compassion, great care, and incredible knowledge, we were accompanied to our higher potential.
— Anita - Yoga Teacher
“Transformational yoga and authentic teachings from the heart. You will be guided by someone who is a phenomenal human full of wisdom. Mark Breadner has been a blessing in my life. ”
As a professional surfer I am always looking to gain a competitive advantage, both physically and mentally. By Mark teaching me yoga and the importance of core, and functional exercise, I was able to achieve this. Marks experience and knowledge has greatly, shaped and improved, not only the athlete I am today, but more so the person who I have become.
— Phil McDonald - WCT Professional Surfer
“In a word, AWESOME! Mark Breadner facilitates an effortless learning environment. With subtlety and insight, he guides students towards and experimental understanding of yogic philosophy, human psychology, the mechanics of the body and practical spirituality. The course far exceeded my expectations and I suspect the impact has been life-changing.”
— Yolanda
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— Pablo
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— Jonathan L.
I thought going into this course it would be lots of asanas and breathing with a little bit of philosophy thrown in. It did of course offer all this but so much more. It has in fact been life changing. Mark has explained many of the ancient teachings passed down to him from his gurus and teachers. He has asked us to look inwards and explore our internal landscape. It has not always been easy but it has been positive and it will help me in being a better person, a better teacher myself and live life to a high possibility
— Anne Martin
Mark Breadner has created what is arguably the finest, most authentic way to teach Yoga in the world today. Training and learning is up close and personal, one-to-one, as was the case with the sages and students of the past. It is as Krishna speaks of Yoga to Arjuna in the Bhagavad Gita when he explains that the reason they can be together so fruitfully is that not only is there respect of student for teacher, but there is also friendship. The whole person is trained, not just the physical body, but also the depths of the mind, all in the recognition of the highest goals of Yoga, the union of the individual and the Universal. I greatly admire Mark and his graduate Yoga coaches for bringing traditional Yoga to the world in a way that serves our modern needs without watering down the real meaning of Yoga.
— Swami Jhaneshvara Bharati (Swamij)
Mark Breadner was responsible for the strength conditioning and yoga programs of the open swimming squad. This squad consists of 11 swimmers, three of which are members of the Australian swimming team, Ian Thorpe, Craig Stevens, and Kirsten Thomson. He has trained not only their bodies but also their minds in preparation for world championships and recently the Olympics.
— Tracy Menzies - High Performance Coach
Mark’s teaching are from the heart, direct experience and from a place of deep understanding of the essence of yoga.
— Cristina Arango
“Mark Breadner’s Meditation Teacher Training is a must for all people seeking a greater understanding of their self and of the ancient yogic texts and practices. Mark Breadner is sincere, relatable and articulate when sharing his invaluable knowledge.
His teachings are priceless and his instruction of simple and advanced techniques are clear and transformative.

Not only do I feel like I’ve learned techniques to assist with my own students, but have also
gained precious insight into my own inner workings.”
— Korenna
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— Jonathan L.
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— Claire C.
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— Jonathan L.