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Energy Mastery - Living With More Energy!

  • Yoga Village Potts Point Road sydney australia (map)

Beyond the physical body in the yoga system is the subtle (energy) body. For many it seems mysterious and out of reach but just like the physical body there are practises to access it, activate it and upgrade it.

These practises will be the focus of this one day workshop. On the day Mark will teach you how:

  • We shape ourselves from conscious energy to physical form

  • Instead of your energy constantly moving outwards to external forms, how to internalise and centralise your energy.

  • Balance your energy

  • Increase the pitch and frequency of your energy

  • Remove interruptions in the natural flow of your life energies

  • Raise your consciousness

The practices will include

  • Movement- using asana to open up the physical body to the subtle

  • Breathing techniques- to balance, build and centralise your energy

  • Kriyas- internal actions to purify your consciousness

  • Meditation- to still the mind and open up your consciousness

It is human nature to expand and to do this well it is important to know how to access our energy bodies, that way we can all live a higher possibility with greater ease and grace.

* The practices you learn on the day are for you to take home and to practise daily. They are scientific and systematic to create a lasting and ongoing effect.

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