YogaCoach is for those who dare to “Dream Wild”. For those who set aside their fears and live in the field of potential and possibility. For those who create their own reality and share a vision to change the world, serve humanity and help all beings thrive.



A Guru is the ultimate life coach and Yoga is the ultimate life coaching system.

Ultimate because these were people -men and woman who reached the highest level of human possibility and then through direct experience mapped it out for us as a science to all follow. Traditionally this was always done one to one, teacher to student, guru to disciple.

This science is 15000 years in the making and it is not possible to better it. YogaCoach works with all the levels of being human- the body, inner energies, emotions and mind so that you can access that which is beyond. This "beyond" is where we start to "Dream Wild" - live a life that we never thought was possible.

Using modern teaching techniques, Mark Breadner shares through the YogaCoach system the ancient principles of the science of yoga. Providing the practices to align all four aspects of being human; our bodies, our inner energies our emotions and our minds.

YogaCoach shows you how to remove the obstacles preventing you from being the greatest expression of yourself and living your wildest dreams. YogaCoach is ideal for anyone ready to reach their full possibility. Mark Breadner is known as the rebel yogi.  He teaches an ancient knowledge system in the subtle arts, harnessing invisible powers that universally abound yet are tapped by only a few.

Are you person who wants to catalyse great change and make a significant contribution to our planet? Mark will teach you how to access a level of surrendering to be guided by a force that is beyond the mind.

The human beings path is fraught with obstacles and interferences. Mark’s teachings initiate those on this path to fully prepare for and apply mastery to any barriers they encounter.

You will learn how to instantaneously scan and identify multi-layered interruptions to high performance, and learn how to feel stable, authentic and at ease in any situation. By understanding how to read and redesign peoples body expression, inner energies, and intentions, Mark’s clients learn how to create energetic resonance to support and activate their innate potential.

Through the YogaCoach system you will begin to operate at a higher frequency, you will attract rather than seek, do less, achieve more, and manifest at a whole new level. You will see and peceive the world through a different lens.

Mark has consistently worked with those who wish to live at a high level of possibility including gold medal Olympians and world champions,  innovators, C-suite leaders and founders of global companies.


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It is my purpose to restore universal wisdom into the future design of humanity by influencing the influencers for greatest impact in the shortest time frame.
— Mark breadner