90 MINUTES $100

YogaCoach is a community for those who dare to “dream wild”. For those who set aside their fears and live in the field of potential and possibility. For those who create their own reality and share a vision to change the world, serve humanity and help all beings thrive.   

We break the rules, step outside what is expected and develop a value container that allows us to know truth through direct experience and self-governance. YogaCoach supports people to take accountability for their reality and develop their limitless ability to meet existence in the moment and respond from a place of love, compassion and equanimity. 

YogaCoach provides the practices to align all four aspects of being human; our emotions, our mind, our body and our inner energies. Once we’re in alignment, we can touch the other dimensions of life and the human experience becomes a stable expression of inner peace and happiness. These are not states we need to search for, these states are “who we are”. YogaCoach shows you how to remove the obstacles that prevent you from being the greatest expression of yourself so you can live your wildest dreams. 


Body Coach

60 MINUTES $120 • 90 MINUTES $175

Body coach provides a modern approach in understanding and application to the ancient art of Hatha yoga, a practice to progress your evolutionary process. Hatha yoga, the essence of all asana, is the science of balancing the duality of our physical body so that we are receptive to what lies beyond the five senses. 

Hatha yoga is one component of a holistic system for self-transformation, it was not developed to be a stand alone practice for fitness. Understanding that postures are shaping the body to help us direct energy and build our internal awareness is integral to becoming a authentic yoga teacher. Our bodies are like antennas, align them properly and our receptivity increases, or allow them to stay out of alignment and the ignorance of the potential that sits beyond our five senses is perpetuated. 

Teaching effective yoga does not require a new set of postures, it requires us to develop our ability to identify faulty movement patterns and provide solutions that bring our students back into physical alignment as quickly as possible. Body coach provides the practices for aligning modern bodies, whilst maintaining respect and connection to the lineage of traditional Hatha yoga. 

The emphasis of yoga should never be placed only on the physical body. Our responsibility as teachers is to help our students create a physical body that can adapt to varying environments and easily embrace the increases in energy as they dive deeper into their internal inquiry. Body coach aligns the body, student and the teacher as they practice hatha yoga. 


Energy Coach

60 MINUTES $200 • 90 MINUTES $250

Learning how to understand and implement practices that upgrade and refine our inner energies is essential to the study of yoga. Our physical bodies are shaped by non-physical influences, meaning we must enhance what lies beyond the five senses to truly express our full potential.   

Science has helped us to understand that everything in this world is an individual expression of the same energy source. YogaCoach provides the specific content and practices to understand and refine this energy so that we may move into alignment with our true nature and unity with the world. 

We are a bundle of energy contained within a body, constantly in relationship with a larger, ever evolving energy system. Consistently developing our inner energies helps us to maintain a human system that functions in a high state, moving towards the state of yoga- inclusiveness. 


Mind Coach

60 MINUTES $120 • 90 MINUTES $175

The root of all our problems lies within the mind. Somewhere along the line, we succumbed to the belief that our thoughts are intelligence and that we are our minds. The truth is that our thoughts are simply a collection of information being recycled,  to move beyond the repetitions of the mind  and create new potentials and possibilities, we have to step into the unknown. 

The definition of yoga is to develop "mastery over the modifications and movements of the mind". Developing this capacity allows us to move beyond our habits and tendencies, to connect with a larger possibility. Moving beyond the identification of our minds, into a more inclusive reality is our natural progression as humans. 

Mind Coach provides the practices that help you to live life, not just think about it. The cessation of impulsive thoughts comes with dedication to specific practices such as meditation and mindfulness, in combination with developing  habits of well being. Mastery of your mind creates clarity , the first steps towards wisdom, joy and  freedom.


Consciousness Coach

60 MINUTES $140 • 90 MINUTES $180

The state of yoga (union) occurs when our experience is inclusive of all. When we move from chasing incremental, externally oriented goals, to a vision that serves humanity. The practices of yoga - asana, pranayama, kriya & meditation, prime us to go beyond the limitations of the five senses and develop our intuition which normally stays outside the focus of our attention. 

Science says that at best our conscious mind accounts for 2% of our awareness. This means that we cut out most of what we know as 98% of our awareness is unconscious. The outside world is a clear reflection of our unconscious playing out, so to change the outside we need to be able to access the inside (unconscious). 

Brining awareness to the inside connects us to a bigger picture, a larger wisdom. As with any ability, it takes time, dedication and practice to quiet the outside world in order to hear the knowing's coming from within. Yoga is path to union with both worlds, and consciousness coach provides the practices, community and support to "Dream Wild" and develop a clear direction that serves you and humanity as you begin to balance the inside and outside.



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