Part Time 350hr YTT - Yoga Village

Part Time 350hr YTT - Yoga Village

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1 FEB - 1 SEP, 2019


On our 350-Hour Teacher Training with Mark Breadner, you will learn more than how to teach yoga and how to take your own practice to deeper levels but to also unlock possibilities you never dreamed possible. It's a Total Yoga Transformation.

YogaCoach teacher training is a unique and transformative offering in the market. Through the YogaCoach System you will learn the science and essence of Yoga, understanding and integrate the yoga practices to help you align the four aspects of being human;  your body, your inner energies, your emotions, and your mind. A science that continues to empower human beings to blossom to the ultimate potential.

The YogaCoach approach will support you to become a confident teacher, a leader for transformation and holistic health and to add value to your world more than you ever dreamed possible. You will learn to impart the incredible benefits of a yoga methodology properly understood and implemented. The focus of the YogaCoach 350-hour teacher training course is on building a solid foundation of teaching group yoga classes, small groups and the entry steps to working as a personal yoga trainer (PYT) This course will allow you to take your skills anywhere in the world with confidence, integrity, and purpose.

Yoga is an ancient system 15000 years old and it has been tried, tested and proven many, many times through direct experience on how to live an exceptional life. Are you ready to unlock new possibilities, nurturing your health and happiness and using your unique gifts and talents to impact change in your world

What you will learn

Module 1:  Yoga Coach- methodology of yoga, history and philosophy of Yoga

40 hrs contact - 10 hrs non-contact

The western world often understands yoga as a physical pursuit. Yet, asana is one part of a whole system, and teaching only one segment of a complete science limits the potentiality for change. To practice yoga we need to know the whole system, the science that supports it, and methodology for implementing it.

These practices were originally taught 15,000 years ago and around 5,000 thousand years ago were shaped into a comprehensive document by people dedicated to understanding and mapping the human mechanism. Viewed as inner scientists, through direct experience they have provided a road map for living our highest human potential.

Using Patanjali's Yoga sutras and the Koshas, we can develop an essential understanding of yoga, allowing our teaching to have full effect and transfer the greatest impact. Yoga is a complete science, providing a framework for individuals to explore their potential. Yoga coach provides the structure to understand and implement the practices that create change.

This component includes:

  • Understanding the roots of Yoga Patanjali's Yoga Sutras, and how to apply to modern life.
  • Understanding the Hatha Yoga Pradipika.
  • Yoga as a science.
  • General history of yoga.
  • Yogic physiology- understanding the koshas - multi-level beings
  • Establishing Vinyasa practice.
  • Establishing pranayama and meditation practice
  • Kriya yoga practice - refining and activating inner energise

This component takes the science and philosophies of Yoga and applies them in practical, simple and effective ways.

Module 2- Life Purpose Coach

40 hrs face to face- 10 hrs

Creating life purpose means playing by your own rules. Stepping out into the world with complete self-governance, guided by your values, your vision and the legacy you want to leave. Naturally, humans want to have it all, they get focused on the outside world where creation manifests when the focus needs to be internally at the source of creation (Yoga).

Living in alignment with your most authentic self-takes courage. It requires a body that supports a high-energy system and a razor-sharp focus to help set aside the things that don’t support your path. Combining clarity and purpose enables you to become a very powerful manifestor within the world.

This module teaches you how to establish a “value container” for yourself and your students, so you can identify how you want to impact in the world, who you want to become, and the legacy you would like to leave. As obstacles arise and provide challenges to living in integrity, you will learn the practices to help set aside the habits, tendencies (karma) that aren’t in alignment with your path.

This module includes:

  • Creating a vision that is inclusive- what I want for me, I also want for others
  • How to turn life lessons into gifts that you offer your students
  • Teaching in alignment with where you are the most effective and benefit
  • Developing and communicating your brand /niche
  • Seeing all beings as ATMA- see, support and remove the obstacles to the potential you see in your students
  • Supporting a higher energy possibility
  • Learning to let the inside inform the outside- being guided by intuition

It's important to know how to teach the “formula” of a class but more importantly how to see, support and encourage students to live with more potency, compassion and wisdom.


Module 3: Technique Coach – Understanding the formulas of teaching

40 hrs contact- 10 hrs

There is a formula for teaching yoga classes. Understanding how to build a pose from the ground up, the correct breathing techniques, the anatomical alignments and the correct application of the bandhas is critical to unlocking the full potential of practicing yoga. Learning this formula takes time, repetition and feedback.

Each posture creates a specific shape that channels consciousness throughout the body. Without the correct technique, the essence of the practice is lost and the potential for injury increases. Breathing muscles…. Understanding the foundations of correct technique allows you to build positive teaching patterns from the start.

Once you understand the correct formula for teaching, you can start to relax and your personality can come forward, helping you to develop your own authentic style of teaching.

This component includes:

  • Building poses from the ground up
  • Communication the instructions consistently and correctly
  • Sequencing asana, pranayama and meditation
  • Bringing in your personality and gifts and talents
  • Setting an intention for class
  • Channelling through different energy pathways
  • Dynamic vs. static practice
  • Going back to basics and building a firm  foundation on which to progress


Module 4: Vinyasa Coach – Creating the flows

40 hrs contact- 10 hrs

Vinyasa is more than movement alone. There is a whole science supporting this aspect of yoga, a science that has been overlooked and misunderstood by modern yoga. Too often classes are comprised of postures for our entertainment or physical conquest, yet each posture was designed to channel consciousness within our body and build our potential to hold more energy.

The power of vinyasa resides in our ability to choose the correct sequence of movements, whilst linking in the relevant pranayama and meditation. The order in which we put postures together will be determined by the audience you’re teaching to. The degree of difficulty will be determined by your ability to understand their capacity and create a practice that supports their wellbeing. 

This module firstly shows you how to understand the science of specific movement combinations to achieve a certain outcome. And most importantly, we teach then you how to link different postures, pranayama and meditation together to create different class templates, as well as how to scale that for different demographics. Yoga is encompassing of all, we need to have the capacity to teach to that as well.

This component includes:

  • Sthira and Sukha the balance between steadiness and comfort in a pose
  • Vinyasa Krama intelligent sequencing
  • Understanding the importance and placement of counterposes
  • Setting an intention for class
  • The three Parts of sequencing person, practice, and purpose
  • Dynamic vs. static practice
  • The importance of rest and incorporating the internal Yoga
  • Heat or no heat? looking at the options
  • Template for a class
  • Creating the sacred space calming the senses to create a journey for body, heart and mind


The assessment process is competency based-

  • The students are required the do short answer and multiple choice at the ends of modules.
  • They have to show proficiency of understanding the material in small group interactive demonstration
  • 50hrs of attending classes from the beginning of the training has to be  lodged and signed off
  • 10hrs of teaching at the end of the training has to be lodged and signed off
  • The major assessment is to design 4 x 1hr classes based on

A niche group of the student’s choice- they have to demonstrate an understanding of their group and design practices accordingly. The 4 classes have to be progressive and a “why” has to be answered for each choice they make in regards to each element of practice

Module 5: Relationship and Adjusting Coach- working with others

40 hrs face to face- 10 hrs

Yoga students require assistance or adjusting for many different reasons, and part of the aim of this module is to understand and learn these reasons and the different types of assisting/adjusting. Through this module, you will learn skills to help you assess how best to help a yoga student, and how to develop healthy relationships with the students you teach and/or adjust.

As we move toward our higher potential, trust issues, resistances and old habits arise which limit our natural flows. This experiential module directly deals with how to work with these resistances as they present themselves and how to restore our wellbeing and inner resources.

In this module, you not only learn to adjust bodies but energy pathways and patterns of mind

This module includes:

  • Mutuality relationship with self and other
  • Student teacher relationship
  • Creating safety and trust
  • Assisting, adjusting and enhancing - what to use and when
  • Appropriate use of touch
  • Learning to recognize and then work with different character types
  • Working with strong emotional states and attitudes
  • Recognising the difference between resistance and collapse
  • When to refer and duty of care
  • Establishing a clear directions and boundaries
  • Assisting clients to restore flow after provocation and contraction
  • Techniques and practices to help us flourish and restore habits of well being
  • Yoga code of ethics
  • Yamas and Niyamas

Increased somatic awareness and relationship skills give us more choices and resilience. Even though the stories and circumstances in life may be challenging, as we mature, these skills allow us to move back to well being.

Module 6: Body Coach- assessing and shaping the body to support a higher energy possibility

40 hrs contact- 10 hrs

Body coach provides a modern approach in understanding and application to the ancient art of Hatha yoga, a practice to progress your evolutionary process. Hatha yoga, the basis for the posture and breathing practices, is the science of balancing and evolving your body to support a higher energy possibility.

Hatha yoga is one component of a holistic system for self-transformation, it was not developed to be a stand-alone practice for fitness. Understanding that postures are shaping the body to help us direct energy and build our internal awareness is integral to becoming an authentic yoga teacher. Our bodies are like antennas, align them properly and our receptivity increases.

Teaching effective yoga does not require a new set of postures, it requires us to develop our ability to identify less effective movement patterns and provide solutions that bring our students back into physical alignment as quickly as possible. Body coach provides the practices for aligning modern bodies, whilst maintaining respect and connection to the lineage of traditional Hatha yoga.

Our responsibility as teachers is to help our students create a physical body that can adapt to varying environments and easily embrace the increases in energy as they dive deeper into their internal inquiry. Body coach aligns the body, student and the teacher as they practice and teach hatha yoga.

This module includes:

  • Hatha Yoga - strengthening and purifying the nervous system to support higher consciousness
  • The functions and benefits of Asana
  • Anatomy and Physiology- what you need to know
  • How to work with everybody by modifying,  ascending and descending poses

Compensations and altered movement patterns

  • What a body does every day-  the 6 primary movement patterns and their compensations
  • The building blocks of practice-  balancing  flexibility, stability and strength
  • Building a body from the ground up to reflect potency, compassion and wisdom

Body as a reflection of mind

Knowing how to view and understand the physical body, the Yoga Coach can design practices unique to each person or group. Regular assessment allows for changes to be measured and progress to be monitored.

Module 7: Inner Energy Coach –creating a high energy system

40 hrs contact- 10 hrs

 All life is energy. As humans, we are an energetic system. When energy flows freely we feel good, conversely when there are contractions and disturbances we feel not so good. Using the chakras as maps of the energy fields within the body, we learn to assess where there are disturbances in the energy pathways and how to give appropriate practices to restore the flow and therefore harmony and balance.

Learning how to understand and implement practices that upgrade and refine our inner energies is essential to the study and teaching of yoga. Our physical bodies are shaped by non-physical influences, meaning we must enhance what lies beyond the five senses to truly express our full potential.

Science has helped us to understand that everything in this world is an individual expression of the same energy source. Consistently developing and upgrading our inner energies helps us to maintain a human system that functions in a high state, moving towards the state of yoga- inclusiveness.

This module contains:

  • Kriya yoga- activating and upgrading our internal energies
  • Koshas- it’s all one energy field
  • Mapping energy- chakras understanding and mapping how thoughts and feeling affect the physical body
  • Nadis- the energy pathways
  • Balancing energy- learning to balance the energy pathways of the Autonomic Nervous System (Ida and Pingala)
  • Vayus-  the 5 main flows of energy in the body
  • Pranayama- Accessing all the breathing muscles- understanding the science of the breath- manipulating the breath to channel and to intensify our energies
  • Bandhas- refining our energies through physical locks
  • Mudras- channeling energy through specific hand positions
  • Creating movement flows- sequencing postures

By removing the interruptions in energy fields and restoring flow we recreate our inherent state of vibrancy as a high energy system. By strengthening and

purifying the nervous system, we lay down the foundation for higher levels of consciousness, increasing our power to create.