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Yoga village - sydney - 350hr training - part time

2019 dates coming soon!

Yoga Village presents a break from the daily grind of this beautiful city. Promising a balance of engaging, dynamic and restorative sequences, Yoga Village offers students an inviting home-away-from-home – a place to practice the art of Yoga, as well as relax and unwind with moments of solitude and reflection to support general well-being. They have partnered up with Mark Breadner and YogaCoach to provide their community a unique 350hr Yoga Teacher Training which offers deeper pathways into yogic practices.


Gaia Oasiss - Bali - 350hr/500hr - full time

June 10- july 13, 2018                                                       

Gaia-Oasis has been the home of YogaCoach Bali for over 5 years. it's a beautiful low-key and tranquil Yoga resort on the northern coast of Bali where you’ll be able to truly unwind and focus on your learning and practice. YogaCoach is based on the ancient principles of the science of yoga, contemporised with modern coaching techniques. Yoga is the ultimate life coaching system, it takes you to the highest point of human potential. Working with clients one-to-one, a Yogacoach takes an integrated view of health and wellbeing looking at the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects. Integrating the science of Ayurveda, Energetic Healing, Somatic Counseling and Yoga Therapy, our course teaches coaches to assess and provide holistic life practices

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foundation modules

2019 dates coming soon!                                                      

These modules form part of the YogaCoach Yoga Teacher Training program or they can be done as stand-alone modules to deepen your practice.