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All education is going digital, including yoga. The future is to bridge the spiritual and the material. First building "Spiritual Wealth" to accelerate your impact and financial freedom.

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Meet The Founder

Mark Breadner is Australia’s longest-serving master teacher and yoga educator.

His mission: to help people reclaim their SPIRIT, realize their personal power and inspired purpose.... and then inject that SPIRIT into their business offerings.

Mark discovered his unique talent for facilitating rapid personal growth during his 45 years of yoga practice as a teacher trainer, group facilitator, and coach. He has trained thousands of yoga teachers and mentored CEOs of global business , world champions and Olympic gold medallist to show up consistently in the "best version" of themselves.

Mark is an expert at uncovering and strengthening hidden drivers, cultivating focus and commitment, and supporting the realization of of living a higher possibility.

His vision is to help people recognise their present time circumstances, identify their inspired purpose, and provide the necessary training and practises to get out of their own way and to create a life of their own design..... leading to exponential growth in their impact and profits.

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