Training Programs

Training Programs

Training Programs

 Million Dollar Yogi 

Launch your Yoga Online Business 

Million Dollar Yogi is our premier product to launch your online business in 90days or less with absolute confidence.

Most people need to watch another boring, pitch-filled webinar about as much as they need a double root canal (ouch!). If you're tired of all the guru hype and all you want is to sit, back, relax and learn the world's most systematic and easy to follow marketing strategy, you're in luck...

Yoga 3.0 Coaching

Business Coaching for Yoga Teachers

Yoga 3.0 Coaching is a complete coaching program, mastermind, AND accountability service all-in-one. 

This coaching program is the most concise, to-the-point online coaching portal for yoga entrepreneurs with everything you need and nothing you don’t… so you can get ONLY the information you actually need to implement the necessary steps to actually get tangible results and start to feel confident and grounded to to take your "passion project" to the next level!

 Body Coach Training

50hr Hatha Teacher Training

50hr yoga teacher training revealing the sequences, frameworks and practices for the physical form to be a doorway for energetic enhancement, mental stillness & access to the mystical realms beyond the veil. 

Body Coach is a complete, comprehensive YTT delivered through online modules & live group coaching calls over 10 days. 

 Mind Coach Training

50hr Meditation Teacher Training

Mind Coach Nine-Step System – a unique method that will become not only the new core of your teaching, but also how you successfully embody the true teaching of yoga and share your gifts with your community.

Mind Coach is a unique meditation teacher training program that helps yoga teachers, coaches, personal trainers, and course creators map out a clear path to practice and teach meditation with confidence.

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