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“I couldn’t speak more highly of Mark and his offerings. He has been and still is one of the most highly regarded people in my life. I have been training on and off with him for around two years and my passion for life, daily energy, way that I think..EVERYTHING has changed immensely. The meditation practice he teaches is life-changing and a crucial part of my day. I trust him completely and am so grateful to have met Mark. Thank you! Can’t wait to continue to work with you both in Yoga, Life and Business Big love always!”


"Mark Breadner has created what is arguably the finest, most authentic way to teach Yoga in the world today. Training and learning is up close and personal, one-to-one, as was the case with the sages and students of the past. It is as Krishna speaks of Yoga to Arjuna in the Bhagavad Gita when he explains that the reason they can be together so fruitfully is that not only is there respect of student for teacher, but there is also friendship. The whole person is trained, not just the physical body, but also the depths of the mind, all in the recognition of the highest goals of Yoga, the union of the individual and the Universal. I greatly admire Mark and his graduate Yoga coaches for bringing traditional Yoga to the world in a way that serves our modern needs without watering down the real meaning of Yoga.” 


“I highly recommend Mark Breadner for both self transformation and business. Mark has a wealth of knowledge about yoga philosophy and practice, as well as wisdom and life experience, and he shares all of this in a way that is down to earth and easy to understand. I have been implementing the scientific yoga practices that Mark has been teaching, and I have experienced significant improvements in my life, particularly in my family relationships and my ability to handle life’s challenges. Mark also provides very thorough and practical guidance and support for establishing and running an online yoga life coaching business, and this has been invaluable to me. Big love and gratitude to Mark and the YogaCoach team!”


“Mark was one of my first teacher trainers in 2005 at Nature Care College where I completed my Advanced Diploma in Yoga Teaching. Mark is definitely the real deal. He is deeply knowledgeable, relatable and holds you accountable for your own growth. I have done many trainings since then, all of which have been valuable, however I find myself back with Mark. Not only to deepen my yoga knowledge and personal growth, but also to learn how to create a successful online business doing what I love. Mark as a teacher now has 2 sides. Mark the real deal yogi and Mark the “let’s turn your gifts into a successful online business, with global impact, whilst getting paid well.” He helps you shine the light on what is holding you back, whether you don’t feel yogis should make money, you’re not enough/worthy, or you just have no idea how to market. I highly recommend Mark Breadner for personal transformation and for business.”


“I first noticed Mark about four years ago creating leading-edge offers to Yoga Teachers and new I wanted to be trained by Mark as a Yoga Coach. Today I’m one of the first to go through his online Yoga Coach AND combined Yoga Business Training online that is the missing link to my success and having impact in the world. Mark is not only teaching me the true foundations of daily Yoga but also solid foundations for a successful business. Mark and his team consistently shows up weekly for all of us to move the needle forward and has created a leading-edge community of Yoga Entrepreneurs.”


“I recently completed Mark Breadner’s Meditation Teacher training, and I must say it was like nothing I have ever done before. I have never met someone with that amount of knowledge and experience that was so relatable and approachable. His passion for the work was infectious; you couldn’t help but pay attention. I admired how Mark could take the density of ancient teachings and deliver it in a way that relevant and digestible for the average modern person. I left the training feeling not only inspired and fulfilled but a sense of calm because I knew I finally found my teacher.

Thank you for what you do, Mark. I’m forever grateful.”


“In a word, AWESOME! Mark Breadner facilitates an effortless learning environment. With subtlety and insight, he guides students towards and experimental understanding of yogic philosophy, human psychology, the mechanics of the body and practical spirituality. The course far exceeded my expectations and I suspect the impact has been life-changing.”


Mark Breadner’s Meditation Teacher Training is a must for all people seeking a greater understanding of their self and of the ancient yogic texts and practices. Mark Breadner is sincere, relatable and articulate when sharing his invaluable knowledge. His teachings are priceless and his instruction of simple and advanced techniques are clear and transformative. Not only do I feel like I’ve learned techniques to assist with my own students, but have also gained precious insight into my own inner workings.” 


“As a professional surfer I am always looking to gain a competitive advantage, both physically and mentally. By Mark teaching me yoga and the importance of core, and functional exercise, I was able to achieve this. Marks experience and knowledge has greatly, shaped and improved, not only the athlete I am today, but more so the person who I have become.”


“I thought going into this course it would be lots of asanas and breathing with a little bit of philosophy thrown in. It did of course offer all this but so much more. It has in fact been life changing. Mark has explained many of the ancient teachings passed down to him from his gurus and teachers. He has asked us to look inwards and explore our internal landscape. It has not always been easy but it has been positive and it will help me in being a better person, a better teacher myself and live life to a high possibility"


“Mark Breadner was responsible for the strength conditioning and yoga programs of the open swimming squad. This squad consists of 11 swimmers, three of which are members of the Australian swimming team, Ian Thorpe, Craig Stevens, and Kirsten Thomson. He has trained not only their bodies but also their minds in preparation for world championships and recently the Olympics.”


“Transformational yoga and authentic teachings from the heart. You will be guided by someone who is a phenomenal human full of wisdom. Mark Breadner has been a blessing in my life.”


“A real life-transforming experience! On the first day, I realized it was beyond the teaching of asana. With compassion, great care, and incredible knowledge, we were accompanied to our higher potential.”


“Too many things to learn from you, Mark. Been 10 years studying with you and you still surprise me with all the useful tools to apply in life”


“I highly recommend this Sangha Circle because Mark Breadner has lots of yogic knowledge & help yoga teachers to succeed in this virtual world!! He knows so much in marketing...and make us succeed with our charisma faster. It is a great circle for yoga teachers. It helped me a lot lately as he is the only real yogi understanding yoga isn’t asanas only!!! I am so aligned with this! More on ancient yoga, kriya yoga, meditation! Please keep this event at least once a month!!! We need you!!! Namaste.”


“Its pretty rare these days that you find this kind of knowledge in an easy to understand, modern way. Mark and Cristina are the most loving, engaging and powerful couple that will take your knowledge of yoga (and the business of yoga) to levels you didn't even know you existed! I will be a student of theirs for a long time to come. Can't recommend enough."

  Tom Sullivan

"This is my third time formally training with Mark & Cristina from the YogaCoach team. And each time the understanding and direct experience of the practice gets deeper and deeper. I have been struggling postpartum for the last 3 months and since starting the Mind Coach training, I’ve felt infinitely more capable to take on each day with more ease and grace. And my relationships with my daughter & family feel so much lighter & happier. As always, so grateful for the vast wisdom YogaCoach shares with us and the encouragement & motivation to go after our dreams. Namaste"

 Kelly Tolliday 

“MindCoach has transformed my life. I have been doing Ishta Kriya every day since learning the technique from Mark, and I've noticed massive changes in my personal life. Mark has a gift to share complex and "out-there" concepts in a way that makes sense. As a meditation teacher, I think it is really important to not only intellectually understand what meditation is but to truly embody it so that the knowledge is felt. Mark has helped me do that. Thank you as well to Cristina for her beautiful teachings and constant support. I think everyone should have the opportunity to do this training"

 Camille Maciejowski 

"I recently did Meditation teacher training with YogaCoach and it is one of the best trainings I have done. As a teacher Mark is engaging, generous and patient. He has an amazing ability to deliver complex information in a clear, concise manner. The Kriyas and meditation practices we learnt are simple yet powerful. I found the course comprehensive, full of ancient yogic wisdom and I recommend it to all yoga teachers wanting to teach more holistic practices. Thank you Mark & Cristina for making this training a wonderful experience"

  Shweta Dhawan

"I have just completed my Mind Coach meditation teacher training with Mark Breadner. I found the course very comprehensive, thorough, generous, well-explained, and with a good balance of practice, theory and Q&As. My personal meditation practice has changed a great deal within a few weeks. Although my practice was quite regular in the past, I still found it required effort and discipline. Now, I am finding meditation comes more easily and naturally and goes deeper. I am looking forward to seeing how my practice develops and where it leads. I also now feel empowered and well-equipped to share these teachings with others. I am grateful to have received this training! Thank you and Namaste"

 Iris Toren

“Mind Coach was such a thorough exploration into the mind and meditation. I absolutely loved it and feel every yoga teacher should do this training, so they can fully understand the real purpose to yoga. Definitely recommend it. Thank you again Mark and Cristina for sharing your wisdom"

 Christina Madlani

“The course is so rich in content and also delivered in such a clear and helpful way. Mark is extremely knowledgeable in many aspects of practice and the practical side of how to serve and best deliver the work forward. Very approachable and helpful I feel genuine and open in his sharing and guidance. YogaCaoch has been on my radar for training for years and I know I’ve found a teacher Ill return to again for more guidance. Thank you Mark & Christina"

  Osheani Rainbow

"Just finished Meditation Teacher Training with YogaCoach. ✨ So much gratitude for Mark's wisdom and expertise. Lots to reflect on - LOVED the practices + insights + perspectives. If you have the opportunity to study with YogaCoach in person or online, I highly recommend it - Mark and Cristina are incredibly generous in sharing their knowledge"

 Rowena O'Neill 

“I fell in love from the very first practice in such a short amount of time, everything in my mind has shifted to a new plane of existence, not only did my busy thoughts become stiller my emotions have stabilised and my body feels spacious. Mark delivers the content of this ancient practice with such knowledge and enthusiasm it is hard not to become excited about every workshop. I recommend this course to anyone ready to deepen their practice and take it to the next level. Cristina added her special warmth to the practices and I absolutely loved the team work between both teachers. I will do all my training with Yoga coach from this day fourth it is a one stop shop for authentic meditation offerings"

  Kristine Hearne 

"Mark’s wisdom stems from the roots, seeking out the hidden and ancient practices. Mark’s wealth of knowledge on all aspects of yoga, meditation, advanced energy is beyond measure. I am so grateful he is sharing this knowledge with us. I recently completed the advanced energy training and online business coaching with Mark, Cristina & Ryan such authentic teachers. Mark is a master of energy. As a creative and energetic I’ve learnt buckets about putting my visions into structures that can assist me to take my own innate gifts and knowledge out into the world. To earth the grande visions, add value and serve with a powerful, positive impact. I’m grateful of his encouragement to embrace my truth. 

 Carolyn Hickey 

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